Corridor, Inspection and Wide FOV Mapping System

3S Camera System:  (Stabilized, Steered,  Stepped) 

Our 3S camera system is designed to solve the demanding requirements for a multi-role high production rate camera system.  The system is configurable for narrow high resolution focused inspections or for large area area mapping.  

The 3S Camera System is paired with custom processing software which enables same day production of Color and IR.  


Custom Collection and Processing Software
Same Day Results
Various Camera Configurations
  • 50mm or 100mm IR
  • 50mm, 135mm Color or Monochrome
  • 50mm IR + 50mm Color
  • 50mm IR + 135mm Color
  • Custom Configurations possible
Variable Field of View
  • ​Guides the airplane along flight path
  • Steers the camera to the target for improved collection efficiency reducing re-flights.
  • Positions the images using inertial navigation system


  • Pipelines
  • Power lines
  • Roads
  • Waterways
  • Wildlife
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Fire Mapping

Increases coverage to obtain higher resolution for given field of view,  or wider field of view at given resolution