D-SUS PC-104 enclosure with vibration mounted card cage

Along with inertial systems and autonomous control systems we are capable of designing sensors, circuit boards, electronics and software for various purposes but usually in combination with some acquisition or control application.

Removable front and back panels machined to order

Airborne Gamma Spectrometer

This high speed spectrometer includes hardware, FPGAs, thermal control, data acquisition systems, communication for high data volumes.

Marine Spectrometer & Sampling System

An example of the fusion between sensor design and other projects.   This thermally stabilized 256 cu.in. NaI(Tl) scintillometer detector is deployed through pre-drilled ice auger holes by a small tracked survey vehicle equipped with and electric winch.  

Cm level RTK GNSS survey vehicle guidance provided the drill hole locations and precise re-entry in the the survey phase.   A marine version utilizing the same system accurately controls an ASV with 4 thrusters able to maintain sensor position and desired heading. The ASV sampling points are pre-determined and individually or in sequentially chosen by the operator by touch screen selections.  This stop-and-go functionality provides for highly repeatable sampling locations.

Inertial Measurement​